Trigger-Fish swims to the top

Although freshmen are typically classified as annoying and clueless, there are four freshmen in particular who shatter this stereotype: Patrick Jasper, Eli Bratsch-Prince, David Adcock, and Caleb Raman. They are the members of Trigger-Fish, an atypical Alternative-Rock/Indie-Rock band that’s making a splash in the world of music with their distinct sound and jaw-dropping good looks. With Jasper on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Bratsch-Prince on drums, Adcock on bass, and Raman on lead guitar, it is impossible to deny this group’s one-of-a-kind talent and swagg. Why did you guys decide to form a band? We decided to form cause some bros wanted to play some music. Are women attracted to your band? Who is your number 1 groupie? Yes, the ladies definitely love us! Our number one fan… tough decision. But we’d have to go with Susan Jasper, Patrick’s mom. What makes your band different from other bands? What makes us unique is that we write original stuff. Most groups our age are just cover bands, but we write solid songs. Also, we are some of the only freshmen around with this kind of musical taste and originality, genre wise. Which one of you smells the most like a fish? Patrick smells most like a fish! Or maybe it’s his B.O. What other bands do you guys consider yourself similar to? Locally, Kick Like A Lion. They have a lot of aspects in common with us (not only that we practice in the same basement!) and they’re a really incredible band. More (inter)nationally, I would like to say bands like The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, and the Envy Corps, but obviously we aren’t near that level of musicianship yet. Which one of you makes the best fish face? Caleb; I think he may actually be related to a fish… Does your band have any goals? We hope to play some shows, record an album, and have fun. If it takes us anywhere beyond that, we’ll sure take the opportunity. Also, going on tour would be a super sweet experience. Be sure to check out Trigger-Fish at Ames High’s Battle of the Bands or support them at their other gigs around Ames. And remember, although there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are no other fish quite as slick as Trigger-Fish.