Vera Zhao

What clubs are you involved with? I am in Key Club, SHEPH, and Student council. What’s your favorite thing to do as a senior? Being able to leave the school whenever I feel like it, including the middle of class. If you were a Pokemon, what would you be and why? Pikachu because it’s cute, has really red cheeks, and a sick tail. Your brother is Hill Wang. True or False? False, we have different last names. As president of Key Club, are you trying to make any drastic changes this year? I’m just trying to keep attendance up and make sure the members are motivated to go out and volunteer. Who is your favorite junior and why? Bo Fan, see my reasons for liking Pikachu. Favorite TV Shows? How I Met Your Mother , Gossip Girl , Arrested Development , and The Office . Favorite Class so far? My favorite class as of now is specifically Chem lab period, because I feel like I’m in potions making Veritaserum. How many boys have you brought to the yard? 2pi/5 Favorite eatery in Ames? Panda Express because every single time I go there it’s always closed, so I have yet to try it. But I visit it the most.