Woodin Begins New Era as Ames School District President

On Sept.13, the Ames Community School Board election took place amid a blaze of controversy. After three years of being a member of the schoolboard, serving two of those years as vice-president, incumbent Dan Woodin was not only re-elected, but was able to snag the position of board president. Both a lifelong learner and teacher, he has found joy in being involved in education everywhere he goes.

“I have been interested in and involved in education all my life…I completed a degree in Computer Science and have worked in information technology for the past 35 years,”€ Woodin said.

Having learned about the educational system from teaching computer literacy courses at DMACC, Woodin knew what he was doing when he joined the Board. As president, he will lead the school board’€™s role in improving interaction with the Ames community, academics, financial issues, and facilities.