Christopher Jackson

Activities: Debate, SHEPH, speech, SPECTRUM, mock trial, baseball, Scratchpad

Where’s your ego? Everywhere. Some of it is in a black hole, some of it is on Earth. It’s just that large, just like my intellect.

Tetris high score?  Zero. I don’t play Tetris. Too mainstream. I play cricket. Plus, even if I did, I couldn’t find a person to play Tetris Friends with.

Politics? European-style Social Democrat. Basically, my thought process goes “Is there a problem? MOAR government money/welfare!”

What’s your favorite pickup line? You should come with me. I’m so chill I gotta be measured in Kelvins.

Mac or PC? PC. Even Vista hasn’t shook my faith in Microsoft.

Pearls or Diamonds? I used to be a little girl, and seeing as diamonds are a girls best friend..

Grinding: Safe Sex or Dirty dancing? Do I look like someone who would know? It’s a thing teenagers do to each other. Let people do what they want.

What did you have for breakfast? A bagel and some Earl Grey Tea, and greek yogurt.

Harry Potter or Voldemort? I was leaning towards Potter, until I realised how impressive it is for the Dark Lord not to have a nose. Not misshapen, just doesn’t exist.