Econ Club at AHS

Are you always that person who mooches off your friend when you go to Orange Leaf because you never have money? Or maybe you’€™re fine with managing your money, but you’€™re interested in how money works with the economy and surrounding politics? The dawn of a new club that will cover all of the above is on the horizon- Economics/Political Science Club!

“€œWell, it might not be called that,”€ laughs junior Spencer Oh, co-creator of the club with junior Ali Dermirci. “We just realized that Ames High was lacking a club that deals with both economics and politics, so we decided to make one. The direction that this club can go is still in the works, but we are sure that we’€™ll place a big emphasis on economics with politics incorporated.”€

Some of the big plans for this club include ‘stock market competition’€, where members would learn details about the stock market as they progress. It might even be opened to the whole school (through the club), and maybe arrange for prizes for the top contenders. Oh and Demirci also plan to have discussions on current events and debates on major issues, as well as even having some speakers come visit as well. Oh and Demirci think that, especially in these times, when the economy is a repeated problem, learning about the stock market and it’€™s surrounding politics could be beneficial for our generation.

“€œIt might get students interested in the economy, and since it’€™s not something that many AHS students our age think of, we hope that this club can kind of open up some new areas.”€

 “€œSince this is our first year attempting this, we will try to do a lot of things. Some of the things will possibly not work that well, and some of them will,”€ added Demirci. “We will incorporate the things that worked well into next year, as we will be seniors then. Also, we are both planning to take various economics/government classes at ISU, which will increase our knowledge more to help the club.”€

The name of the club is still up for discussion, but Oh and Demirci are planning to meet after school one day a week, either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.