Noodles and Company

Anyone who has lived in Ames can clearly see the plethora of food options that are now available. Ames hasn’€™t added many new restaurants for awhile so new arrivals always get a bunch of attention. Last year, Buffalo Wild Wings was a huge success and is still very popular today. This year, Noodles and Company opened right next to it and will probably be as big of a hit as Buffalo Wild Wings was.

“€œI’€™m so happy Ames finally got one! It’€™s a great place to hang out with friends.”€ Junior Timothy Loe said.

People who walk through the doors of Noodles and Company will notice the international taste that Noodles and Company has tried to achieve. On the menu are three different categories of noodles, including, American, Asian, and Mediterranean. Signs on the walls encourage you to “€œvisit”€ a new country everyday. Visit Thailand one day and Indonesia the next!

The noodles come in two different sizes; small for $4.25, and regular for $5.35. Another option is the trio, which is a small bowl with your choice of meat and a side soup or salad. Each item on the menu has a description and what meat they recommend you have go with it. Meats include, grilled chicken breast, Parmesan crusted chicken, shrimp, meatballs, and sauteed beef. you can also add tofu. Meat and tofu cost $2.35 extra.

Once you have ordered, you can sit wherever you like and wait for some delicious noodles to be served. Their Wisconsin Mac & Cheese with meatballs is Noodles and Company’€™s number one seller. Soft al dente elbow noodles with two cheeses on top, one cream, and some partially melted shredded cheese. The contrast really brings out the flavor and the meatballs turn it into a meaty, cheesy heaven. If you are looking for something spicy, the Indonesian Peanut Saute is a good choice. Even with all these options, Noodles is still adding more items on the menu.

“€œThe restaurant is expanding into new dishes like the Bacon Mac and Cheese and are moving on to making sandwiches.”€ former AHS student, sophomore at the University of Iowa, and employee at Noodles, Dustin Rhoads said. “€œIt’™s a very laid back atmosphere.”€ Rhoads said. “The restaurant is known to be like a fancy fast food restaurant that allows you to get your noodles fast and eat with friends and family.”€

The next time you are craving oodles of noodles,(who doesn’€™t crave noodles?), give in to your longing and head over to a great, diverse, new restaurant; Noodles and Company!