Tim Bass: The man, the legend

What is your proudest life accomplishment?

Probably winning the state meet. Well, I won state last year and it was 16:45 for my final time. The first state meet I appeared in was 19:22.

What states did you used to live in?

Illinois, Georgia, Florida, used to actually live here in Iowa for 12 years before I moved. I actually lived in Germany for 3 years.

Why did you come to Ames?

I actually came to Ames because I’m more familiar with the territory. Also my parents live here. I just moved from Georgia by myself. My dad lives down in Georgia.

What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

Actually to get my scholarship to Waldorf College and become a cross country runner there.

What are your chances at winter formal or prom king?

Depends on the competition. The competition could probably be fairly good.

Where are your future plans for college?

My future plans are to become a lawyer, a paralegal. Probably in JAG starting out, which is a judge advocate general, for the military. I see myself in the next 4 years at Waldorf, and then transferring to a major university, hopefully Yale or Stanford, or maybe Auburn. If not, then Iowa State.

What’€™s been your favorite part of Ames so far?

Probably my most favorite thing about Ames has been the teamwork and the friendship that has been shown a lot. Overall, it’€™s been pretty well.

Have you ever gotten in a bareknuckle brawl? When I was living in Germany, one of the sergeant major’€™s kids…. my best friends were threatened by this kid, and when I stepped in he decided that he wanted to swing at me. So, he got the wake up of his life.

Which backstreet boy are you related to?

That is true, I am related to Lance Bass by my second cousin.

Phillip (Buck) Shaw: He’s in NSYNC.

Sam Ennis: I 100% guarantee that Lance Bass was in NSYNC. EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS A LIE!!!