Anna Prozorov

Anna Prozorov is a senior. She is a Makeup Co- Head of the Thespian Society. Which two Ames High teachers, single or not, are destined for each other? Why do I think Webb and Ripley? I’d say Mrs. Johnson and Webb because she can keep him in line. He’s frisky. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be? Oy vey. What is your favorite artistic medium? I love using watercolor mixed with acrylic. It’s my favorite because the colors don’t fade Where would you take someone who does not appreciate art on a first date? A paintball arena just so we could shoot each other with paint. Maybe it would be painful for them. I don’t think I would date someone that didn’t appreciate art. What are your last wishes for your human remains? Probably to be cremated and planted under a tree, or thrown into the face of someone I don’t like. ‘My ashes in yo face!’ What’s in your future? I’m going to go to the UK for art college, specifically Wales, within two years. I’ll be working with kids with autism. What’s your sign? Taurus. I don’t believe in astrology or horoscopes, because usually when they’re on Facebook they’re false. What language do you think in? Russian. Would you rather fight Abraham Lincoln, or two Tafts? Abraham Lincoln, that guy’s beard could hide Houdini. How do you make your hair do that? I straighten, curl, blowdry, curl, and straighten my hair for 6 hours to make it look casually wavy. What would you like to tell WEB readers about Russians? In Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia doesn’t exist anymore.