Lunchroom Crowding Problem Solved

On October 20th, the Ames High lunchroom was packed. In the junior-senior room there were circles of people sitting on the floor, unable to sit at one of the relatively few tables. This movement, named Occupy the Lunchroom after the Occupy Wall Street Movement, was created by senior Breeana Glenn, who wanted to “give the administration a more accurate representation of how many people would have to eat in the cafeteria during the cold winter months.” Last year, students were able to eat in classrooms during the lunch period, alleviating the crowding in the lunchroom. However, due to a variety of concerns, the administration decided to forbid eating in classrooms indefinitely. “Crowding in the lunchroom itself hasn’t been a problem,” said associate principal Chris Paulson. “At any one time, we can fit up to 380 people in the main lunchroom.” The greatest crowding takes place second lunch in the junior-senior room, attributable to the number of band and orchestra members at Ames High. “As far as crowding in the junior-senior room during second lunch, we didn’t anticipate that number of students, so we put extra chairs and tables in the room.” said Paulson. “Now, we can fit about 460 to 480 students in the lunchroom at a time.” The changes made by the administration to the lunch policies has been effective, said Paulson; “We have definitely noticed improvement in the cockroach situation, especially in the fine arts wing.” And the problems with crowding seem to have been solved. “I don’t see any problem with lunchroom crowding, at all,” said junior Timothy Loe. “As always, whenever we have to make an adjustment like this, students have been very resilient and have done a good job adjusting,” said Paulson.