It’s a Wonderful Life

Time and time again, the thespians of Ames High have proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. This month, they’ll have yet another opportunity to show off their superior abilities with the winter play, It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a Wonderful Life was a Christmas drama released as a film in 1946 with a great reception, and focuses on George Bailey, a man that committed suicide on Christmas Eve. Clarence Odbody, his guardian angel, shows him all of the lives that he touched and the people that he helped while he was still alive in order to receive his wings. Junior Gavin Sedies, who plays Bailey, has only been acting for a few years but still got the lead part. “I love the movie and wanted to be a part of the production,” he said. The story is considered a holiday classic by many, so it only seems fitting that the Ames High drama department chose to perform it at this time of year. Though many tried out to receive one of the iconic roles, only a few talented students got parts. “I tried out because I enjoy acting and I think that even if you don’t get a part it helps you know what you can do better for next time,” says Sedies. The thespians rehearsed and worked hard to bring the play to life over a span of time this winter.