Students need bathrooms downstairs

Pot Bathroom Jacob rogers Ever since I started going to school I have run into three problems: lunch room food, teachers player hating and the bathroom by Uetz’s room always being locked. The first two issues can be completely forgotten about when I’m sitting there in U.S government having to go to the restroom and it’s freaking locked. Traveling an extra two halls to release my bodily fluids just isn’t fair when there is a bathroom right there. On and off it is being locked throughout this year, yet it manages to always be locked at the wrong time. The bathroom is locked because the pot smokers can’t wait to get in their basements to pull the “That 70s Show” circle, so they get toke up at the school. Clearly these pot smokers think it’s a great place to smoke because no one goes down there to use the bathroom. That is incorrect, many people need to use that restroom and no one wants to smell your dank bud, bud. Plus teachers actually go there too, smell it and lock the door. Now you have no place to smoke, and I’m stuck with no place to pee. Bro like seriously? Bring in some air fresheners and make it smell nice so no one can smell it. Or do what Harold did and make a bong that can sanitize the air while you do the illegal actions. Plus if you think it’s a good idea to smoke at school, you’re going nowhere with your life, so just wait for that party on Friday or after school in the woods behind your house. With this, I say leave and find a new place to go on your adventures with your magical plant, so I can enjoy my magical time in the Lost Hallway’s bathroom.