Hipsters: Fact or fiction?

In a world dominated by the mass media, it’s no surprise that many people have trouble distinguishing between real and unreal characters when in everyday life. Take one of the most populous social groups at Ames High – the hipsters. For them, the question has officially risen: Do they actually exist, or are they simply mythical creatures who roam the halls by day and transform into magical, superhuman posteriors at night? Though a controversial subject, some students have no trouble figuring out how they feel. “No, hipsters do not exist,” junior Christian Novy stated. “They are a made-up race; designed so that they can wear weird clothes and feel good about themselves.” Others chose to base their evaluations of these rare lifeforms off of science, such as AP Biology teacher Craig Walter. “There is no scientific evidence for them, so therefore they are not real,” said Mr. Walter. Despite these negative opinions regarding one of Ames High’s most common social circles, there is in fact hope for those who feel as though they have just been told again that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist. According to The Morning News , hipster infestations have reached an all-time high and everyone must be prepared if they happen to stumble upon one. A simple description has been provided for those who still feel muddy about the concept of a “hipster”: The classic hipster is noticed right away in the cozy, yet slightly judgmental, hallway. It is usually easiest to start identification of this species from the bottom up. His/her feet should be cuddled up in eco-friendly kicks, trendy sneakers, or an old pair of tennis shoes. Legs must be swathed in tight, fitted denim – but never too tight. As for shirts, anything goes, as long as nobody else in school is wearing the same flannel that he/she has on. For the finishing touch, his/her ears must be covered with headphones blasting music that nobody has ever heard of. No matter what label you tack on them, these extraordinary beings are here to stay until the next fad comes along. Go ahead and ask them what their favorite music artist or brand of soy milk is – because you’ve probably never heard of it.