Iowa Nice

For those of you who haven’t been on the Internet recently- who am I kidding? You all have. But in case you haven’t been on Facebook or YouTube, a new viral video called Iowa Nice has become very popular. Many people across the nation probably think of Iowa as a state full of conservative hillbilly redneck farmers. You and I both know that isn’t true. Don’t you hate it when you go to another state and tell people that you are from Iowa only to get the question, “Wait, so like, do you live on a farm or something?” This video sheds some light on those kinds of questions and at the same time makes Iowa look pretty cool. WARNING: video contains some adult language and should not be watched by small children. I suppose, though, that if you are a small child, you could just be sneaky and watch it by yourself. The video has over 850,000 views and was created by Paul D. Benedict and Scott Siepker. The video informs people about Iowa and to eliminate common stereotypes about Iowa. The video follows Siepker as he nonchalantly goes through different parts of Iowa and states facts about Iowa. Did you know that the computer was invented in Iowa? Neither did I. I guess we are just that awesome. “I learned a lot about Iowa from the video,” junior Bo Fan said. “I’m not a farmer, and I’m glad the video is trying to rectify that stereotype about Iowans.” Hopefully it really will removed those ugly stereotypes and that people all over the nation have learned something and know what Iowa is truly about. Watch the video, now.