Rachael Stammer

Rachael Stammer is a sophomore. She participates in Guild of Nerds, Spectrum, Drama, Thespian Society, Tech Crew, and Speech Club. If a play was written about your life, what would be its title? It’s a good time for a nap. What’s the perfect sandwich? Jimmy John’s #1 Pepe with Alfalfa Sprouts and Dijon Mustard, made by Alex Canfield. He went to college… but the sandwich is still delicious. What’s the best way to serve revenge? With a tin full of warm, gooey, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Has anyone gone so far as to even be as far as to decided as to go want do look like? A few people have gone so far that they are too far to change their mind so they won’t look ridiculous. Because they really do. What do you like to wear… IN BED?! Giant fuzzy pants, four sweatshirts and a box of Girl Scout cookies. How many cats can you hold in one hand? I don’t hold them with my hands. I hold them with my love. And I hold them all, especially the little ugly one with no fur. I love those. Taft was the Egg McMuffin of… Taft is the Egg McMuffin of getting stuck in bathtubs. Truman is the egg Mc Muffin of… Truman is the Egg McMuffin of not being popular enough for me to have had to Wikipedia him and then find nothing and say this. What would you do if a playful mucus man was lodged in your chest? I would make him my best friend and he would be there to help my whenever I start coughing/choking because I inhaled my drink. If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done? Then you’ve been very lazy, but you did it so good for you. Now go do your homework because now you have to retake the class. Is plagiarism really a crime? Unfortunately yes, it’s illegal so it’s a crime. But not being illegal doesn’t make something right. Even though plagiarism would make reports much easier. Are you a bro? Outside of saying "Cool story, brah" I’m not much of a bro, I’m actually kinda lame. What would be in a beverage called Rachael Stammer? Earl grey with a dissolved lemon mint cough drop. It’s delicious.