Tips and Tricks to Spot the Common Hipster

1. The Beard : Present only on male hipsters, the beard can be seen atop a hipster face (especially in the winter months). However, like most of these characteristics, a beard alone is not enough to conclude that a subject is a hipster. If a beard is combined with two or more of the following traits, then it is a sure sign that the said subject is a hipster. 2. The Scarf : The scarf can be found wrapped around male and female hipster necks both in cold and warm conditions. The females prefer lighter, airy scarves that provide little to no warmth, while the males prefer thicker, chunkier scarves which they can easily tuck in to their pea coats. 3. The Pea Coat : The pea coat serves as the hipster’s main source of warmth during the winter months. The reason for this is not known, but is probably due to the fact that pea coats come in dark colors like grays, blacks, and blues. This complies with a hipster’s needs for remaining underground. 4. The Glasses : The common accessory of all hipsters are a pair of glasses. The preffered glasses are thick and black-framed, like those worn in the 1970’s. Although hipsters’ glasses may be worn for the actual need to improve vision, but more commonly are worn to draw attention to the face and their intelligence. 5. The Skinny Jeans : Skinny jeans are the preferred for male hipsters and are an acceptable substitute for females when they do not wish to wear skirts, dresses or leggings. Jeans are used mainly to highlight the male hipster’s skinny legs in hopes of attracting female hipsters. 6. The Cardigan : A staple in both male and female hipsters’ wardrobes, the cardigan comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Females tend to prefer thinner cardigans that provide little to no warmth. Males, on the other hand, are more partial to thicker cardigans that provide a bit more warmth, but can also be seen wearing thin cardigans as well. Because of the variety of cardigans out there, most hipsters have at least two or three in their closets. 7. The Hat : The hat can be seen atop both male and female hipster’s heads, but for different reasons. The female wears her hat mainly as a way to accessorize while the male wears his hats to cover up the rat’s nest that is his hair. In both cases, the hat is not worn for its original intention of warmth. 8. Disheveled hair : A common trait in all hipsters is disheveled hair. Males are more likely to have this trait because of the male’s general lack of hygiene. The reason for this seems to be that combing one’s hair is too mainstream. 9. Vintage Clothes : Wearing vintage clothing is an activity both male and female hipsters enjoy. They wear vintage clothing in hopes of distinguishing themselves as less “mainstream” than their contemporaries, and therefore, more attractive. Vintage clothes are the only times that hipsters wear bright colors. 10. V-neck Tee Shirts : Male hipsters have a need to present a slice of their upper chest to the world and the easiest way to do this is by wearing a v-neck tee shirt. It is thought that this is a somewhat strange habit.