Winter Dance

The winter formal will be held on February 7, 2012.

This specific dance has always been a thing people either dreaded or look forward to. Many like the idea just because they get to dress up and have a good time hanging out with friends. Others hate it just because they don’€™t like the idea of a dance that’€™s during winter months because they might get cold.

Now this once Formal is having a name change and potentially a change in outcome. Neon Nights is the theme this year for our winter dance at Ames High. Bring more of a party to the dance and attempting to make it seem more fun. Making the dance less formal and more casual, seeming to turn into a second Homecoming. This year the dance will be going to only eleven o’clock, an one less hour then the normal.

The winter dances King and Queen were Ujjal and Mattie Bruning.

The dance was one to remember this year with all its new changes. Kids having genuine fun without all that grinding and some good old fashion dancing. Even with one less hour this dance will rank high in peoples memories.