Dear Chad: Valentine’s Day

Chad Sage had a girlfriend one time and gave some advice to a friend. He also “can’t wait to get out of this town.”

Dear Chad: Valentines Day

“Dear Chad, I just ended it with my girlfriend, so I’€™m single and it sucks. I’€™m worried that this might be my first Valentine’s day alone. Can you give me some advice on how I can have better luck with the ladies?” -Lonely

Dearr Lonely,, You’ve comee 2 da rightt guy, because I TOTALLY know how to help you…LOL! After u talk wif me, ur lyf will be aWeSoMe.

Lyk my fav band Hawthorne Heights sez, “€œI cantt make it on my own, bcuz my <3 iz in Ohio.” I think ur prob really fits dis situation, cept da Ohio part. All of yerr feelings r making u sick, && my wordz will b de antidote. xx<3

U need 2 express ur pent up emotions bout da breakup. I find dat a good way 2 do this iz by writing songs. One tym I had a girl break up wif me & it took seven songz && three boxes of Kleeenex til I was even ablee to leave my room, LOL. Make her a mixtape of ur rad songz, && call it something lyke “You Are My Ocean”€ or “The Days We Used to Have.”€

Then, go 2 her housee at night && throw some rockz @ her window then giv her da mixtape. Dis haznt worked 4 me yet, but it will fer sure sometyme! Thiz also remindz me of dis other tym when my GF broke up with me && I was really sad. I bought her dis things she didnt lyk then she wuz all lyk “€œWE’€™RE OVER.” Kthanks. Am I ryt? I tryd to impres her by putting sum tyte colored streaks in my hair but she didnt lyk it.. so don’t do datt..

Hope I helped!!! <333 && Check out my myspace music page!

X Chad Sage X