Parking lot drama


Winter weather can be treacherous for young drivers. It’€™s slippery, loose, and blinding to drive on the snowy streets. But even with all these dangers, there seems to be something that perplexes students more than anything else. As soon as snow hits the ground, drivers forget one of the most fundamental skills of driving: how to park.

It’€™s not that hard. You take your car and you put it in park next to another car in the parking lot. Just because you can’€™t see the dividing lines doesn’€™t give you an excuse to park like an idiot. Your parking permit hangs from your rear-view mirror where everyone can see it. We know who you are, bad drivers. We know who you are, Greer Brown.

There are probably 500 students that drive and park at school. 500 cars all all driven by high school students. That’s dangerous enough as it is. But when you’€™re taking up 3 spaces, our parking lot really doesn’€™t work. If too many people park in more than one place, all the cars won’€™t fit. It’€™s that simple. Don’€™t make more people have to use the back parking lot. Nobody actually likes to walk all that way to get in and out of the building. Even if it makes leaving the lot easier. It’€™s ok, you aren’t going to hit the other cars. It’€™s one thing to be cautious, but to put 6 feet between yourself and another car is something completely different. It makes you look like an even worse driver than you are.

Nothing puts me in a worse mood than when I think I see a spot up ahead in the lot. I’€™ll drive up to it only to discover the space is just small enough to be useless because some high school student decided their Ford Taurus needed a little extra wiggle room.

Seriously? As if I didn’€™t have enough problems running late to school in 15 degree weather. Take an extra 10 seconds to straighten out your wheels and save us all a little time in the process. In the real world, people would key your car. Luckily Ames High students have a little more class than that. But really, use your brain and park like a competent driver. You won’€™t look like such a jerk that way.