Izem “Izzy” Simsek hates Mr. Walter

Izem Izzy Simsek hates Mr. Walter

If you were a tree, which kind of tree would you be?

I’€™d be a maple tree because they’re tall and the make maple syrup.

What is your favorite Internet flash game?

Sydney Shark. It’s pretty much this awesome shark that eats things and blows stuff up. It’s intense.

What was your most memorable past Halloween costume?

A member of a snuggie cult.

Which Ames High teacher has hurt you the most?

Mr. Walter. His words cut into my soul like a hot knife through butter, in a bad way.

Do you like Twilight?

No. No.

Which Harry Potter character would you date?

Neville Longbottom in the last movie because he’€™s smoking hot.

Would you rather date Harold or Kumar?

I guess Kumar, because we both have exotic names.

How’€™s your social life?

Does Facebook count?

How’€™s your driving?

I don’€™t know, I haven’€™t driven ever. Probably bad.

Orange Leaf or Apsen Leaf?

Orange Leaf.

Do you have any allergies?

I’€™m allergic to meany-faces.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Are you a hipster?

What? No! Why would you ask me that?! *adjusts scarves*