Community is Back!

Community is back! Community is back! NBC outraged fervent fans when they announced they were canceling the show after its Christmas episode. Despite the fact that Community is one of the lowest-rated TV shows on NBC with an average of only 3.5 million views per episode, Community boasts one of the most dedicated fan bases of any current TV show due to its unique style and lovable characters. After the mid-season schedule was released fans jumped onto social networking sites to try and save their beloved show. Fans started Twitter campaigns such as “Save Community ,” made Facebook pages and sent petitions to NBC in protest of the shows cancellation. A popular saying among the community was, “Six seasons and a movie,” a line from one of the shows most memorable characters Abed. Rest assured the Community fandom prevailed and the show is announced to return to NBC March 15, at its new time 8 pm. pushing 30 Rock into the 8:30 slot. This was announced February 21st by the show’s creator Dan Harmon on Twitter, “What you call 8:00 we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15,” Harmon said. The cast and fans alike were ecstatic to hear that Community will finally make its return to television. Megan Ganz, one of the writers for the show, put it best: “We’re back! We’re Backstreet Boys. We’re Burt Bacharach. We’re Back to the Future !”