Letter to the Editor: Friendship is magic

I am completely and utterly astounded at the article on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The article focuses on the fact that there are a group of males, such as myself, who appreciate the show, yet the article does nothing to say why we do so, assuming that bronies (not capitalized) are nothing but a series of overly emotional wimps. Allow me to speak for the minority. Friendship is Magic is a fantastic show because it expresses diversity from what the My Little Pony series has been so avid on for the past several years. The characters have actual personalities that develop as the story progresses. There’s humor beyond the pitiful attempts in most children’s shows, resulting in sarcastic comments, ironic situations, breaking the fourth wall, and other comedy that would go over the target audience’s heads but would lead to laughter from an older audience. There are themes beyond typical friendship, giving a more mature theme to the morals such as being able to remains friends after a dispute and breaking of stereotypes. Morals aren’t everything, as seen by the show making fun of itself by having an episode dedicated to not having a moral . This is brilliant work that anyone should be able to enjoy. Throughout the world of popular culture, many shows, movies and games have a fanbase outside of the target audience, and nobody takes action against those fans. I see no reason as to why fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic should be treated any differently. We don’t deserve to be insulted for liking what we like; each person has his and her own taste, after all. Let the communities enjoy what they want without fear of slander; after all, friendship is magic. Yours truly, Daniel Heddendorf