Students wonder why Winter Dance scheduled to end early

I t was 10:00 PM on the exiting night of the Winter Dance. This year’s mild winter allowed students to feel comfortable in whatever they wore. The dance floor was full of people who weren’t necessarily dancing. Soon after at 11, the dance floor was empty and everyone began packing up. “Honestly, I have no idea why the end time was pushed up. Maybe to get kids home at a reasonable hour?” junior Gabby Brewer said. “Homecoming and Winter Dance in the past were awesome. I have to admit that this year’s Winter Dance was really disappointing,” senior and Homecoming Court member Calvin Song said. “I think the teachers just wanted to ruin a good night. They need to get out of our way. ” Whatever the reason maybe, many students are hoping for a way to stop this from happening again. “I think [Mr. Evans] should change it back to 12. Keeping kids at the school later would help keep them out of trouble, and I know that’s a huge concern of his. If they’re fun, students will stay the whole time, like Homecoming,” Brewer said. “I think that all dances should have an after party like Prom does,” Song said. An after party would lengthen the amount of time students could stay. Students could pay to go to either the dance itself or the after party. They would get a better price if you payed for both. This would encourage more students to stay longer and teachers would not have to worry about grinding. Having an after party would also increase ticket sales, bringing more money to the school. “Homecoming was the best and being on Homecoming court made it 10000 times better!” Song said. Song is not the only one who thought Homecoming was better than Winter Dance this year. Students stayed till 12 AM, they danced, they had fun and no one got in any trouble. “I think the biggest difference is how last year there was not as much teacher supervision on the dance floor,” Brewer said. Although the administration may have a perfectly legitimate reason for ending the dance early, let’s take time to think this out. Dancing means grinding. Teacher supervision means no dancing. No dancing means earlier ending time. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between grinding and the ending time of dances, Q.E.D.