Wellness Center renovations at AHS

O ver the past year, Ames High has undergone a plethora of changes. We have seen the implementation of ID checks at the door, the creation of a junior senior room, the closing of the junior senior room, and now Ames High is undergoin g a change yet again with the remodeling of the Wellness Center. The space, located in the basement has had many purposes over the years including serving as a lunchroom, before becoming the Wellness Center where many PE and dance classes meet. But the space is not ideal in many students eyes “it’s kind of nasty in there” senior Attie Scioneaux said. This is one reason why the coming remodel is seen as a very good thing “I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t do it sooner” Scioneaux said, “but it’s good for incoming freshmen because they’ll have something brand new.” However, the remodel has changed some students commute to class by closing a hallway that connected classrooms in the basement with other parts of the school. “It’s a little inconvenient for that door to be closed” Scioneaux said. Also, since the girls locker room is located in the Wellness Center, which is closed during the remodel, girls have had to change in the severely smaller locker room next to the gym, which has proved a less than ideal situation. “The floors are strangely warm, it smells like fungus and I’ve never been so claustrophobic in my life” Scioneaux said of her experience in the locker room. While little is known about what the new Wellness Center will include, one of the rumored changes is a big screen TV that students and staff can watch while working out. “I know the school’s money is divided in different parts to be used for different things, but it upsets me that money is being used for a big screen TV instead of for new books or something” senior Emily Vernon said. Change is one of those things that is almost impossible to avoid. Fortunately in Ames High’s case the changes, including remodeling the Wellness Center have been for good.