Will Franke

What sports do you play? Tennis, and that’s it. Are you excited for tennis team? Heck yeah, training, I need to get back in shape. What’s been your favorite part about high school so far? Definitely the people. I had a lot of upperclassmen friends, and that has helped the transition into high school. What are your plans for Spring Break? BAND TOUR! Do you enjoy being in the marching band? Band is great. Trombones are… crazy, but we make it work. What’s your best pickup line? You’ve gotta have some. Can I borrow a quarter? I need to tell my mom I just met the girl of my dreams. Which one of the original Pokemon are you? Pikachu. I don’t know, I haven’t played Pokemon in a while. What cooks your grits? My mom, I don’t know, I don’t eat grits. Favorite teacher? Mr. Webb all the way, he’s an awesome teacher and is pretty laid back. What is your wildest dream that you hope comes true? Wildest dream? Probably being able to fly. Favorite type of cookie? Chocolate chip, the classic