Rache Kim, Freshman Extraordinaire

Q. Which non-freshmen classes are you taking? A. Well, I take 10th through 12th grade PE, so I guess I’m pretty advanced with the classes I take. Q. Favorite pickup line? A. I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds. What? You don’t believe me? Well, then, let’s try it with your phone number. Q. How Korean are you on a scale of 1- Super Junior? A. Hmm… about at the level of singing to BEAST on karaoke all by myself on a Friday night. Q. ALL of the activites you do? A. Stalk Abraham Lincoln, Stalk Abraham Lincoln, and Stalk Abraham Lincoln Q. Peeta or Gale? A. Eek, I read The Hunger Games in like 7th grade. So I totally forgot everything, but let’s just go with Gale. Who can reject Liam Hemsworth?! Q. If you were a pokemon, which one would you be and why? A. Ditto, because he can turn out to be anything that he wants. I really don’t know Pokémon. I’m that type of girl who returned her Game Boy Color in Kindergarten because I didn’t know how to operate it. Q. What is your power level? A. Meh… 50 HP? Q. What do you think people think about you? A. That midget, freshman girl who obsesses over dead men… like Abe Lincoln Q. Who’s your favorite junior and why? A. Ann Ku. We’re major rivals when playing Words With Friends, yet I always lose. I’m 100% sure that she cheats. Also, I won .75 times in Pentago, while Ann won 1.25 times. It’s an ongoing tournament.