Spectrum Encounters Roadblocks

Last semester, there was a curious lack of posters in the halls of Ames High School. There were plenty of posters advertising various clubs and promoting events and classes; however, one club in particular seemed to be missing. The club was Spectrum, Ames High’s gay straight alliance and one of the most progressive clubs. However, Spectrum had been running into some difficulty with the administration, according to senior and co-president of Spectrum, Ella Holme. “We have run into a few roadblocks with the administration these days, particularly with the ‘It’s OK With Me Dance,’” Holme said. The “It’s OK With Me Dance” was a dance, hosted by Spectrum, which was being held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames on Dec. 9, 2011. However, the event was unknown to most of the student body because the administration was not allowing Spectrum to make announcements about the dance in the weeks preceding the dance. “Since the dance was held at the UUFA, the administration did not acknowledge it as a school-sponsored event, despite the fact that Spectrum was the host,” Holme said. “This displeased us greatly, especially since Madrigal was also held at a church, but they were allowed to have announcements for that,” Holme said. Initially, Spectrum was also disallowed from putting posters up promoting the dance. However, Principal Spence Evans did allow Spectrum to put up posters eventually, according to Holme. Spectrum and the Ames High School administration are continuing to work at finding common ground for future events, according to Holme.