Band Tour

Every three years, the Ames High band goes on a trip during Spring Break. Band Tour 2009 found the group in Florida at Disney World, and in just a few days, approximately two hundred students will board several charter buses to return to Florida. For most tour-goers, this will be the first and last band tour. For some seniors, this is the second trip to Florida with the band. Trumpet player Alyssa Bovinette said, “I’m excited to see how the trip changes from freshman year to senior year. I think we’ll be a lot more comfortable with each other and take advantage of it being one of our last times together as a class.” This year, band directors Chris Ewan and Andrew Buttermore are changing the agenda to keep things interesting for everyone, including those who are on Band Tour: Round II. “This time will be a little bit different because we are spending every day at a different park,” said Bovinette. This year’s trip will focus more on visiting the different parts of Disney World rather than taking advantage of the various other tourist attractions that can be found in Florida. One thing that will stay the same is the tropical climate that will inevitably take band members by surprise. “Our [air conditioner] broke on the bus ride down [to Florida], and although it was terrible and smelled awful, it was one of the funnest memories I have,” said Bovinette. The first day will be split between Coccoa Beach and Epcot. The next day the band will perform in a parade at the Magic Kingdom, including time for band members to explore the park. This will be followed by a day at various Disney parks and band clinics. The tour will conclude with a visit to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Despite the repeat tour, it promises new adventures and new memories. This will be one for the history books.