Abortion can save two lives

In a recent House Republican press stakeout, Windington state’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers had this to say: "Democrats are trying to scare American women" First of all, this entire statement is extremely opposite. It’s amazing to read such a view, one that many Americans have, regrettably. Ask a Republican any controversial subject on air and you will get a straight answer probably 5% of the time. They will beat around the topic and try to remain likeable. God forbid they say anything that might reveal they have an actual opinion. Rodgers says that the Democrats are trying to change the subject… really? Really. They are talking about real issues that real women are afraid of. They are afraid of their rights being taken away. This isn’t the 50s. We shouldn’t have to worry about our birth control being revoked. This article has it completely backwards. Democrats are trying to protect American women. Republicans are scaring women with their attempts to demolish their reproductive rights. That is what is terrifying. Any reasonable woman would be appalled by this article and this issue. Why is this even an argument anymore? Victoria Bekiempis has a great blog about this issue. She talks about all the benefits. America is a great country because we have birth control. Other countries are not so lucky. Because they aren’t educated well enough on the topic, overpopulation and starvation are heavily present in third world countries. If we take away birthrights for Americans, we can easily end up in such conditions. Sexual Education is not enough. We are a modern culture that should not be based on religion. People are free to act in whatever way they please, and if intercourse is on their agenda, then they have the right to protect themselves in order to perform such act. People are going to have sex. Let’s let them decide whether or not they want kids. These two events don’t have to go hand-in-hand. Then there’s the issue of rape victims. What do you tell them? According to Matt Kaufman, you should never abort . “Right to Life” can be a very backwards statement. What about the mother’s life? Doesn’t she have a right to choose how her life pans out? I argue that in some cases, especially rape, abortion can actually save two lives: the mother’s and the unborn child. I hope that the youth today grow up more educated on this subjects than their parents. Until we realize that women’s rights are important we will not move forward as a culture. This is why we need to bring up the topic. To inform and get it set straight. The Republicans trying to get rid of birth control and abortion, in my opinion, are crazy. Take a step outside your bubble and really look at the world. You’ll know the difference between right and wrong without your religious standards.