Where has all the real music gone?

I have an issue with the music of today. In particular, the hip-hop rap dubstep crap that seems to be infecting more and more of the ears and minds of teenagers today. This noise, as I will refer to it, is not music. Music, to me at least, is defined as a song that has some real melody and is preformed with actual instruments. Today’s rap and dubstep is created almost exclusively in studio and on digital devices, with few, or sometimes no, real instruments. This may be just my opinion, but shouldn’t music be created with instruments? Also due to the musicians, or noise makers, highly electronic ways of creating this noise, dubstep and rap usually sound horrible live. Real music on the other hand, should sound the same or better when performed live not worse because all the auto tuning and electronic elements are removed. Another issue I have with the noise teenagers listen to today is the lack of an actual human singing. This is especially true for dubstep in particular. Part of what makes music great and memorable is the message that it communicates through thoughtful and meaningful lyrics. Without this message rock or pop music is just repetition of a few bar chords. So not only is dubstep electronic noise, it also has no message. I think I die a little inside each time I hear someone say, “You listen to Bruce Springsteen? He’s so old!” or even worse “Who’s he?” This is the main problem with our generation; we don’t listen to music from past generations, in part for fear of being classified as that weird kid who listens to old music. I however, am proud to say that I do because I’ll tell you one thing right now 50 years from now Bruce Springsteen will still be remembered, dubstep artists like deadmau5 or Skrillex will not. So, the next time you hear dubstep or hip hop try listening for real music, and if you find some e-mail me because all I hear in that mess of noise is a waste of my time.