Luvern James "Trey" Wooge III

Activities: Basketball, Debate, Band, and Orchestra What is your opinion of snowmen? I think they’re really chill. Always cool under pressure, ya know? What is your favorite style of clothing? For special occasions, I prefer bold color contrasts on neutral canvases. For everyday attire, I prefer a dressy casual look. Who is your dream date? No one is the master of my heart; I am available. What is your favorite color? Something between a Tyrian Purple and a Deep Lavender. What does your dream house look like? A castle in the Air. What is your favorite form of exercise? Mental. What is your favorite French pick-up line? I don’t know if it counts, cause it’s ninety percent English, but I’ve always liked; “If I could change the French language, I’d make you plural, so I could les with you.” If that doesn’t work, I’d probably just go for the direct and historical approach; “Voulez vous couchez avec moi?”