Teenagers getting tattoos

There are certain special privileges that come along with turning 18, and the most popular seems to be getting a tattoo. Numerous Ames High students have taken advantage of this newfound freedom, making their way a tattoo parlor in town and getting inked. As a matter of fact, 36% of 18-25 year olds have at least one tattoo. Though many tattoos have a story behind them, some people prefer to get one just for fun. “I like tattoos whether they have a meaning or not,” senior Austin Gohlmann said. “If people want to get tattoos that don’t have any special meaning or importance to them, they should at least consider the fact that it is something on their body that is going to last.” Getting a tattoo is an important step in someone’s life, and they have to consider the placement, quality, and meaning when getting one. Nowadays, more people than ever are getting their tattoos lasered off. Tattooing is a fascinating art-form itself. The nearly endless possibilities always leave something to be impressed by. “It’s a reflection of myself via art,” senior Torry Hand said. “I don’t need to verbally express it. People can see it for themselves.” Seeing what people get tattooed is interesting and gives you an insight into what meaning it has for that person and whether or not there’s a story behind the tattoo. “At the moment I have three tattoos,” Gohlmann said. “My first tattoo is of a hibiscus flower on my hip. My second tattoo is on top of my foot and is based on a photo of a sunset that I took while I was in Florida last summer. The last tattoo I got says ‘Family’ and is on the inside of my arm by my shoulder.” It’s been said by many tattoo artists that it takes ages for people to plan out and decide on their first tattoo, but merely moments after getting their first, they already know what they want for their second. “Of course I plan on getting more tattoos,” Gohlmann said. “They’re a good way to express yourself.” For those in our age group, finding ways to express yourself is certainly an important factor in the rise of tattoos. Even though inking can be very pricey depending on size and placement, people that want tattoos push past this and take a seat to have the ink placed. Whether it is artsy, deep, or just plain nerdy, Americans do love their tattoos. “I want one of a grass type Pokemon called Oddish,” says Hand. “I’m also wanting a food-related tattoo that’s a cupcake, whisk, and chef knife that looks like a skull and crossbones. At some point I would also love a tree on my arm.” Although the temptation of getting a tattoo may seem strong, be wary of its call and think this decision through – it will last you a lifetime. So be careful and once you’re sure you’re making a good decision, go out there and get inked.