How cute is Too Cute?!

Too Cute Review: A Five Meow Show When people think of reality shows, they seldom think of animal reality shows. However, the most real of all reality shows is based on the lives of impossibly cute animals. After I first discovered this show, I found myself being CATapulted back to my sofa each time it was on the TV. The first time I watched it, I was transfixed by the images of blind mewing kittehs scrambling around. The second time I watched it, I was still fascinated. After a run of rather boring shows on Animal Planet, it seemed that I had finally found a show worth purring to. Basically, this show CATalogs the life of three separate breeds of cats, and follows their lives up until about 9-10 weeks old when they are adopted. Of course, the show is headed by a warning. “Caution: This show contains material that is just too cute. Viewer discretion is advised.” I for one was very appreciative of this warning, as I knew that I would have to look away at some parts, such as when one of the fluffy kittens sneezed because he got a widdle bit of fwuff on his nose. To be frankly honest, it is the kind of show that is sure to give you an aneurysm from the cuteness, but it’s a good kind of aneurysm. At the very beginning of the show, the kittens look like drowned rats, so that’s when I got up to get a tangerine or two to eat. By the time I get back, however, they were just opening their eyes. This is the most dangerous form of kitteh known to mankind. Their cuteness can quite literally cause heart attacks. Luckily, I kept my blood pressure down and survived that stage. Next, the kittens reach an age where they are starting to run around and cause all sorts of mischief. At this point, I had reached the depressed stage where I questioned the wisdom of the existence of creatures as adorable as this on this planet. The show ended when the kittens were adopted by new owners, and at the very end, pictures were shown when the cats were all grown up. Luckily, at this stage they were derpy rather than cute. JessiCAT Jacobson, a second semester senior, was all purrs for this show. “I love kittehs!” She said excitedly. “As long as it has cats and kittens in it, I’ll watch it!” To conclude, THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVAR. Everyone likes cute, and kittens are cute. I rest my case. If you’re interested in a TV show that won’t make you CATatonic, then you really need to watch this show right MEOW.