Fashion Show

Lights, camera, dubstep, pose! Ames High’s fashion show took place last Thursday night. It showcased a variety of handmade designs created and modeled entirely by students. A panel of judges, Iowa State students majoring in design, carefully critiqued and handed out awards to the best in show while sipping lattes. The show, put on each year, is coordinated through the Fashion Show Club, sponsored by Mrs. Strasser. It meets every so often to organize, but designers are on their own to finish their pieces by the show. “ We are most pleased with the popularity of the show and the amount of submitted designs this year,” senior and club co-president Melanie Chang said. “There were many very interesting and fun designs in the show, and I was blown away by all of them.” Indeed there were! Students got creative with different mediums. One line featured whole outfits made entirely from colored plastic resembling trash bags and/or duct tape. There was a quirky owl dress. And not to forget the entire line of cats. Male models donned feline accessories while crawling and purring down the runway. Scooters made an appearance as the models successfully wheeled without tripping and/or falling on their faces. The models certainly go through a lot to put on the show. Hair, makeup, and embarrassing outfits all brought together under the bright lights and judges’ careful (and caffeinated) eyes. “I just accessed my extremely high self-confidence,” sophomore model Lily Brown said. “I had no problem walking down the runway, however, I had to stuff tissues in my high heels for comfort.” Music brought by seniors Louis Dupuis and Brady Brinkmeyer was the pulse of the show. Upbeat remixes and dubstep gave the show energy, as well as the continuous dancing of the two DJs. “I really enjoyed the show,” junior Taylor Palensky said. “It was exciting and colorful. I’m definitely going again next year!” At the end of the night, after the dance party while the judges deliberated, awards were given out. Best collection went to juniors Delanie Sillman and Jordan Jorgesen for their collection featuring a dress made out of coffee filters. Seniors Renee Chang and Vera Zhao won Most Marketable for their pastel spring line. Junior Hannah Short did an 80s grunge revival which won her Judges Choice. Most Creative was dutifully awarded to senior Jasmine Ardoin for her take on the Mona Lisa: both adult and children’s outfits. “ I would strongly encourage everyone to try and design something for next year’s fashion show.” Chang said. “The experience is amazing! ”