Prom promises students a "happily ever after"

Every spring as the end of the year approaches, many aspects of school life become more and more challenging. In the last quarter of the school year, the number of projects, tests, and even basic homework assignments seems to increase exponentially, while, at the same time, students face the added pressure of AP Exams and other standardized college admissions tests. In the midst of all of this, however, prom stands out as one of the few events that truly provides a good time for students. Although prom will be located at the high school cafeteria again this year, the junior senate and prom committee advisors have been working towards making this year’s prom as unforgettable as ones held in the past. “Due to some scheduling conflicts we were unable to book any other venues [besides the AHS cafeteria] for prom this year,” said Prom Committee Advisor Erin Miller. “Regardless, however, prom this year is something to look forward to. The girls in junior senate are really working hard to transport prom into a fairytale, and find the right decorations so that students can feel as if they are truly somewhere other than the cafeteria.” In addition to the decorations, however, several other aspects of prom are looking to be spectacular this year. “I think prom as a whole will really be awesome this year, and I think that everything will look exciting,” said Miller. “I believe that the students will really be pleased with the work that’s gone into planning everything for prom.” After the prom festivities end, afterprom also promises to be memorable. In addition to games, food, and prizes, there will also be a hypnotist there to provide even more entertainment for students. “The group of parents in charge are really committed to it, so I believe it will be really successful this year” says Miller. The 2012 prom will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 8:00-12:00 AM. After prom will occur right after, until 4:30 AM. For all students interested in attending, $15 tickets will be available for purchase in the front lobby during school next week. At the ticket sale booth, there will also be a personal products drive for the MICA shelter. When you purchase your ticket, bring in two personal products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, kleenex, soap, shampoo, or diapers to receive a free cookie. “We would really appreciate student donations for the cause,” says Miller. “Even though prom is a great experience for the students, it can hopefully be very beneficial to the MICA organization this year as well.”