Ames Boys Tennis should have no problem winning State

The Ames High School boys tennis team should have very little trouble winning state this year. The majority of top six players for the team work hard year long, at the Ames Tennis Academy. Iowa City’s line-up consists of Blake Oetting, Kyle Appel, Adam Boldt, Adam Dellos, Karl Wenzel, and David DiLeo, playing in their respective one through six spots. The number one and two matches will be very competitive as Oetting and Appel have a lot of tournament experience and are tough hard hitters, but beyond that, the Ames High team is fully capable of beating their three through six spots. Alex Huang, who plays number three for Ames High beat Adam Boldt last year. He has improved vastly this past year and should be able to roll Boldt. Tommy Pitcher, who lost to Dellos last year, beat him recently. If he is able to turn his mental game from a weakness into a strength, he should have no trouble beating Dellos. Pitcher’s game is bigger than Dellos’ in every single way. Andrew Ellis, the newest edition to the top six, even gives Pitcher a challenge. Both Wenzel and Ellis have a hard-hitting game, but Ellis is more consistent than Wenzel. Ellis should have no problem beating Wenzel. Finally, we have Song vs. DiLeo. DiLeo is new this year, so he has less match play experience, especially in high pressure situations. The experience and intensity that Song possesses should be able to overcome the DiLeo.