AP Exams are approaching

As the month of AP exams draws nearer, students may start pulling their hair out or banging their head against a wall as they begin to panic. But while getting a score of a 3 or higher for college credit may sound challenging or overbearing at first, it is not impossible. “The worst part is studying and feeling like you aren’t actually prepared at all,” junior Melissa Jones said. However, students should not disregard participating in their AP classes as a way of getting ready for the exams. Many students have been unknowingly accumulating knowledge and skills that will help them perform well on the tests just by completing the homework and taking the tests in their AP classes. By taking an AP exam, the official College Board website claims students can qualify for more college money as “31 percent of colleges and universities look at AP experience when determining scholarships.” This website also asserts that students who have experience with AP are “more likely to graduate from college in four years – students who take longer to graduate at public colleges and universities can spend up to $19,000 for each additional year.” “I guess there are advantages to taking AP exams,” Jones said. “Possible college credit is always nice, and I’ll have to study for finals anyways. And missing class and filling in bubbles is fun.” While students may feel there is a lot on the line as they prepare for these tortuous tests, it is crucial for them to keep their eyes on the prize. The stressful hours of studying and losing sleep will pay off in the long run when tons of money is saved through scoring well and earning college credit. Remember to get a good night sleep before the exam (late-night cramming is not going to drastically improve a score), eat a healthy breakfast, and just try not to freak out too much.