Paul "Ice Man" Opheim

Q: What activities are you involved in? A: I’m in tennis, quiz bowl, key club and SHEPH. Q: Who on the tennis team has your back…hand? A: I can always depend on Hill Wang, Charlie Fei, Riley Dobyns and Kendall Stow, if that counts fore something. Q: What does it take to be the ice man? A: Follow Sanjeeva for a day. Try to get inside his head. Q: How do you study for APUSH tests? A: I "study" with friends. I’m pretty sure studying has really improved my ping pong, not as sure about the APUSH. Q: Will you be the next power queen at Ames High? A: I don’t know, there’s a lot of power princes and princesses out there… Q: What do your other talents include? A: I’m really good at forgetting what my parents tell me to do. Q: How do you like pirates? How about PIris? (Paul/Iris) A: Dislike and like..