Victor Wang!

1.How similar are you to Diane? I think we both like the same things, so we are good at synchronizing our actions and predicting what each of us should/will/want to do in any situation. That makes being around each other [in public] fun. I do whatever she does but usually in a worse manner. 2.How long have you been playing tennis? 6-7th grade- I don’t remember exactly, sometime after coming to Ames Tommy and AQ were the only ones around and those were the good times. 3.How excited were you after boys tennis won state last year? I don’t really remember what I did, but I was all jumpy and fist pumpy and smiley, I think. And when Nirvan is around, I’m automatically happy. 4.Where are you planning to go to college? I’ll probably know by the time this is published but I don’t know right now. I just visited WUSTL and I’m visiting NU later. Basically I’m picking between those two and UMinn. 5.Are you going to miss AHS? (even a little?!) Yeahhhhhh.. yeah I will miss it. Walter, Sparkman, Mooney, umm…Mama P! I like playing games with the squares on the floor… I like free food circulation in the upper years.. 6.What food would you compare yourself to? I could compare myself to an unpopped kernel of popcorn at a very low temperature that will be incapable of popping because there’s no external stimulation for it to do something amazing and poofy? And its all brown and…no…what?