Halo 4: To be Released on the Presidential Elections

One of the most recognized video game series of all time; Halo just recently had the release date of its fourth installment Halo 4 announced . The release date of Halo 4 is set to be November 6 of this year, which just so happens to be the same day as the United States presidential elections. Halo 4 will be developed and published by 343 Industries rather than Bungie who have developed the previous three Halo games. Halo is a first person shooter that incorporates both a story mode and an online aspect where players are able to compete against each other. Earlier this week 343 industries released new information on the online aspects of the game. 343 Industries announced that the most groundbreaking change to the game is the addition of custom load-outs. In previous Halo games to acquire a desired weapon you would have to learn the spot on the map in which the weapon spawned. However with this new system the player will be able to choose their weapons and character design before the match. The Lead Designer of Halo 4 multiplayer Brad Welch said, “We feel it (custom loadouts) will allow players to use the entire Halo sandbox in a lot broader way than perhaps they could have in the past. Many people speculate that Halo 4 is either going to revolutionize the first person shooter genre or it will be a complete letdown given the success of the previous games in the series. So on November 6 will you be waiting in line to choose our nation’s next commander-in-chief, or will you be waiting in line to buy Halo 4 while dressed as Master Chief?