The cold truth: getting a job is hard

It seems like getting a decent job today, especially as a teenager, is nearly impossible. There may be a lawn in the neighborhood to mow or the child of a family friend that needs to be watched for the night. But all in all, it is very hard for a teenager to get an actual job in Ames, regardless of their success at school or extracurriculars. As stated in the article entitled “U.S. Teenagers Struggle To Find Part-Time Jobs in Fragile Labor Markert” from the Huffington Post, “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2011 nationwide unemployment rate of 24.4 percent for teen job-seekers from 16 to 19 years old was the second highest recorded since it started keeping the statistic in the late 1940s. The figures reflect teens actively seeking jobs and do not include those not applying for positions.” To read more of this article, follow this link: As a part of this 24.4 percent of teens who are unemployed, I am fed up. I’ve had more job interviews than I can count, yet when it comes time to make a decision of who to hire, businesses always lean toward the older, apparently “more qualified” college students. So there are obviously places that are willing to hire, yet when it comes down to it, teenagers stand little to no chance. While some teens may have “connections” with to a company through an employee, most are not that fortunate, hence most teens do not have a job. Perhaps businesses should at least give teens a chance at a job. Although a few high school students are immature and are not prepared to handle a stressful work environment, an abundance of teens are more than qualified. Teens need money to start saving for college, and if they are qualified and willing to do the work, then hire them.