Anna’s super fantastic tips for underclassmen

I was midway through my junior year at Ames High when I realized that all high school really is, is a bunch of drama and teenage hormones concentrated in an institutional-like setting. Ever since that day, I longed to be running out those doors, never again returning until I’m a highly accomplished something or other showing off at my high school reunion. But, for those of you unfortunate souls stuck behind these walls for a few more years, I have some survival tips for you to use to make Ames High, well less like a high school. Tip one: Simmer down now! Enough with the drama Ames High! I know that at the moment it seems like if one little minute detail of your life plan goes wrong the world will cease to exist and we will all die, but this is not the case. What is meant to be will work out, so just chill. Also, unless you are part of an elite few, the person you date in high school is not your soul mate, so stop making a huge deal out of every little thing you do together. Tip two: Dates shouldn’t be complicated . Asking someone out does not take your entire group of friends working up some elaborate complicated scheme that takes all day. It takes one person and seven basic words, that’s all. So boys (because lets face it, society expects you to) grow some cojones walk up to a girl and repeat after me “Do you want to go (insert date idea) with me.” Tip three: Dances are for dancing–grinding is not dancing . Every Ames High dance I have been to is the same, bad music and even worse dancing/grinding. Now, I am not one of Principal Evan’s minions, just someone who thinks we should actually dance to actual music at dances. Tip four: Stop your whining! High school sucks sometimes, but since everyone is doing basically the same sorts of things nobody really wants to hear how you life is so horrible, or you have a test or assignment that you rather not do. Put on your big girl/big boy pants and stop complaining. Tip five: You’re a freak; accept it and move on . Everyone is weird in their own special way and it’s what makes us all unique. Once you accept your inner freakiness, you can stop focusing on what other people think and just be yourself. So there it is, my last contribution to the fine piece of journalism that is the WEB, if everyone starts following these helpful tips I promise you high school will become a place people actually want to be.