Pulls a Good Guy Greg

Reddit Pulls a Good Guy Greg By Kendall Stow The users of the popular link sharing and forum website pulled off a truely exceptional act of kindness for a 47 year old man with down sydrome who was on his death bed with a terminal case of liver disease named Scott Widack. Knowing that Scott’s favorite activity was opening mail his nephew Sean O’conner wanted to brighten his uncle’s day by posting a short message to, “Hey reddit- my 47 year old uncle, Scott Widak, has down syndrome and is terminally ill with liver disease.” Scott wrote. “He is currently bedridden and living out his last days at home with my 85 year old grandmother. One of his favorite things to do is open mail… Anyone feel like giving him a letter or a card.” Reddit responded to Sean’s message with an overflow of love and encouragement. Since the message was originally posted there has been a constant stream of letters, cards, artwork, and other pieces of mail. As reddit found out about some of the things that Scott like they began to send gifts such as Rose-Art fuzzy brand color sheets, Johnny Cash CD’s, and Macho Man Randy Savage themed gifts. The people from the Reddit community did all that they could to make Scott’s last few days some of his best days. “The mail that arrived has all been extremely positive and thoughtful,” Sean said on Reddit. “My family and I are amazed at how so many strangers could come together for a random act of kindness.” It is truly inspiring to see so many people voluntarily take time out of their day to do something so meaningful for another person and its family. The Reddit community and the people who contributed to this random act of kindness deserve to be remembered for such selfless and kind actions.