The Director Strikes Back

The Director Strikes Back By Kendall Stow Famous movie director George Lucas has spent many years trying to plan and build a movie studio in Marin County San Francisco. Lucas wanted this studio to be 300,000 square feet with a daycare center, restaurant, gym, and a 200 car garage. Unfortunately for Lucas some of his rich neighbors weren’t keen to the idea of him turning their pristine land into a movie studio. The Home Owners Association of Marin County rejected Lucas’s proposal at every term. Lucas promised the home owners over $300 million in economic activity. This however wasn’t good enough for the Rich homeowners who felt that the land would be better used for more housing. “If everyone feels that housing is less impactful on the land then we are hoping that the people who need it the most will benefit.” George Lucas said in response to the Homeowners Association. Lucas is now in the process of turning this land into a place for low-income housing. By doing this Lucas will subtly be taking revenge on the Homeowners who denied him the ability to build his studio while simultaneously helping the poor. Despite the fact that this move by Lucas is essentially using poor people to exact revenge on his rich neighbors, more available low-income housing will greatly benefit people. Lucas and Marin Community foundation to make this idea a reality, and stick it to the rich homeowners of Marin County.