Grad Parties: Don’t Be That Guy

There is nothing more awkward than when you are standing in a group of friends, and an unknown senior approaches the group and offers everyone else a grad party invitation. Then, that senior realizes that they don’t know you, yet they feel obligated to offer you an invitation. Clearly they don’t know you… How about when you get home and log into facebook, and then you have six notifications that read: “Random person you’ve never heard of has invited you to the event: “Graduation Party”. I don’t understand why people insist on inviting people who they don’t know to their graduation open houses. I mean, I know people like having friends at their open houses. Open houses are a ton of fun, and it’s a great way to say goodbye to someone and to remember all of those good times you had with them. But many people haven’t had these good times with people they’ve never heard of. So why invite people you’ve never heard of? I don’t mean to sound like a terribly bitter person, I just get annoyed. I mean, inviting random people to your open house is basically just asking them to mooch off all of your food. When a random person reads that your open house will have chinese food or pierogies, that random person thinks “that is a lot of food, I think I’ll go eat all of it.” This then leads to the infamous “take the food and run.” Nothing annoys me as much as the infamous “take the food and run.” I really do enjoy grad parties for people who I actually am friends with though. Not for the pierogies and chinese food though. I like saying good bye to people. I know that sounds weird; many would say that they hate saying good bye to people. I feel that having a chance to really say good bye to someone is a lot better than having them just leave. Who knows, maybe there’s unresolved tension between the two of you. Grad parties give you an opportunity to resolve that tension. So, to the readers of the Ames High Web that are not seniors, please don’t be a person who “takes the food and runs.” It is quite annoying, and to seniors, please don’t initiate the action of “taking the food and running.” Don’t invite randoms to your grad party. Invite only your friends. And family. I suppose they’re important too.