New student council presidents will address cries of distress

Did you think you were going to win? It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing. We wanted to be elected, sure, but Jon, Ben and Joe were a strong group as well. What do you plan on doing for the school? Playing Call Me Maybe all day errrday. We’ll also work to improve communications between the administration and the student body. We want students to be informed about school activities and involved at Ames High. We also want to bring food back into Ames High School with nutritionally approved snack items. Do you all get along well with the other co-prezzies? We’re all BFFs. Are you actually gonna do the stuff you said in your video? That’s why we put it in our video. We will do everything in our power to make them happen. If for whatever reason, we cannot implement them due to administration obstacles etc., we’ll make sure to convey to everyone why it didn’t happen. Do you care about the school? Or is this just a resume booster? Yes. We actually care about this place. Do you think you deserved to win? We don’t view the presidency as a win lose competition. It is an election. You, the students of Ames High, elected us as your presidents. Do you like fluffy cheetos? Yes, the ones puffed with air.