Sophomore Article

Sophomore Article Kendall Stow Today I came home after one of the most stressful days of the year, played some Mario Kart with my brother (don’t hate), and proceeded to take a six hour nap (my sleep schedule is wonderful). After waking up at ten in the evening I decided to tear myself away from my bed, go downstairs and do my homework (LAWL). After wasting another hour browsing I finally got around to unzipping my backpack and taking a crack at some of my meaningless busy work (a.k.a schoolwork). Right as I was about to start being productive i pull today’s issue of the web out of my backpack and read through all of the senior columns. I found a lot of the senior columns to be very interesting, this inspire me to write this sophomore column for my blog. Seeing as i will probably not be taking the WEB in the future I decided I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give a meaningful (I’d like to apologize ahead of time for the disappointment) recap on my experiences At Ames High School. Along the same theme of many of the other senior columns i would like to discuss schoolwork and grades. Despite this year only being my sophomore year i have already started to gain a more realistic view on the world. I came to the crushing realization that I am by no means a talented person. Up until this semester I have always had a large sense of false arrogance. I had a perfect gpa and I would spend hours a night diligently completing homework and studying for tests. But as time wore on I began to lose my drive, there wasn’t a life changing event that brought this on, I just believe that everyone will experience an upsurge of apathy at least once while they are in high school. One C and two B’s later the only advice i have for underclassmen is, while school work is inherently meaningless, there is much truth to the fact that grades in fact do matter. Another prevailing theme in the other senior articles that I have read is people. At my time in high school i feel like I have only interacted with about one-third of my grade in a meaningful way. Despite the fact that I can be short tempered and I am easily frustrated with others, I have met and become friends with a lot of people and Ames High. A piece of advice to any underclassmen, high school is essential one big social experiment, this is no time to be introverted, high school is a place to learn who you truly are (I’m still working on that). I would like to thank any people who have tolerated me over the last two years. I would also like to say goodbye to all of my senior friends that will be graduating this year. After proof-reading this article to come up with some sort of conclusion, I feel that I should delete it, start over, and write about something more straightforward like politics or a new movie release. It’s really difficult for me to put my thoughts out there in a way that is interesting, easily comprehensible, or that actually portrays what is actually on my mind (not to mention that this article is far too short and haven’t discussed anything that wasn’t mentioned in other peoples articles). Alas in the general spirit of high school, I shall submit one more subpar piece of work for the sole reason that I am lazy.