Ames High students take annual service trip to Uganda

With the end of the school year fast approaching, most Ames High students are looking forward to a summer full of either relaxation or vacation, to a stress-free break from the demanding months of the school year. For a select group of students, however, the end of the school year will not mean an end to the difficult work of the school year. Rather, for these students, the end of the year will signify a much more difficult, yet rewarding challenge – the annual service trip to Uganda. Eight summers ago, eighteen students traveled to Tororo, Uganda for the first service project, the construction of a secondary school for girls. Since then, the trip has continued to grow in popularity, with a large number of students originally indicating interest in participating in the project. Unfortunately, due to travelling constraints not all of the interested students will be able to go this summer, however this year there are several high schoolers will be participating. “ While in Uganda, we’ll be participating in several service activities to help the community,” said junior Spencer Oh, who will be going on the trip this summer. “In addition to the service aspect of the trip, however, we’ll also just be immersed in the culture, and given an opportunity to learn about a lifestyle different from our own”. Throughout the past year, the students have been working with the Ames High community to raise support for the project, and ensure a successful completion of the project in Uganda. Through several key events including the annual Abana Banji 5k run, Hunger Banquet, Tucheze and coffee sales, a significant amount of money has been contributed towards the cause. Many of the students are anxiously waiting for the day when they finally arrive in Uganda. “The trip is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, ever since I first learned of it in eighth grade” said Oh. “Through the trip, I really hope to gain a more realistic outlook on life, and to be woken up from the sheltered life we live in here in Ames.” In less than one month, this year’s group of students will be on their way to Uganda. Although the students going have different motivations for travelling, regardless of their initial feelings, the trip is likely to be rewarding for all of the students who participate.