The Munch Bunch – Texas Roadhouse

New to 2012, The Web brings you The Munch Bunch, a group of elite restaurant reviews designed to provide you, the hungry reader, scintillating reviews of prime eateries. We set our sights on Texas Roadhouse to see if it was worth the hype. We arrived at 30 minutes after opening on a brisk Saturday morning, at 11:30. The restaurant was reasonably sparse, expected on a ISU Football game day. We were seated immediately, and shortly after, were greeted with a smile by our enthusiastic server. The serving experience was one of the highlights of Texas Roadhouse. Our server, Mike, was extremely nice and ebullient, bringing us constant refills of their delicious rolls and attending to our every need. Looking around, other servers seemed to be of a similar vein. The service was very prompt, to be expected of a visit at a relatively non-busy hour. The Munch Bunch came to the consensus as to the high quality of service but opinion differed when it came to the food. Alex found his meal, Country Chicken Dinner with a Loaded Baked Potato and Steak Fries, to be extremely tasty and satisfying, while Jon had complaints galore with his Sirloin Steak with the same sides. “The meat was high quality, for a sirloin, and the unlimited peanuts were a nice touch, but there were some issues,” Jon said. “The steak sauce was poor, the salt fries were far oversalted, and the baked potato was decidedly non-delicious.” Jon’s issues with his food were enough to make him not recommend this restaurant. The other two members of the munch bunch, Marios and Topf, had opinions in the middle. “I thought the restaurant was pretty okay. It met my fairly modest expectations,” Toph said. Marios echoed these statements: “My food was pretty good. Not one of my favorite places but I would definitely be down to go back.”