MLB Season: Playoff Picture

After a long 7 months filled with action and sunflower seeds, the 2012 MLB season has come to a close. This season was all about making history both in bad and good ways. The Chicago Cubs again added to their drought of not winning the world series, making it 104 consecutive seasons without a championship ring. Depressing to say the least. Miguel Cabrera made history by winning the first Triple Crown since Red Sox outfielder Carl Yastrzemski did it 45 years ago in 1967. The Triple Crown is given when a player finishes first in Home runs (HR), Runs batted in (RBI), and overall batting average. Cabrera finished the season with 44 HR’s, 139 RBI’s, and a batting average of .330. Completing this task didn’t come without competition. Josh Hamilton and rookie sensation MIke Trout, challenged Cabrera until the final out was thrown. Hamilton finished behind Cabrera in Home runs by just 1, and Trout ended up with .326 batting average just .004 less than Cabrera.Immediately following the regular season is the post season. The playoff picture is as followed. The American League division leaders are the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and the Oakland Athletics. The Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers secured the two Wild Card spots. The National League leaders are the Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, and the San Francisco Giants. The Wild Card spots went to the Atlanta Braves and the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals. The Yankees and Nationals finished with the best record in their respective divisions. With this, both teams will get the winner of the Wild Card games as their first opponent. The AL Wild Card game is between the Orioles and Rangers, while the NL Wild Card game is between the Braves and Cardinals. Detroit will face off against Oakland, and Cincinnati play the Giants in the first round. When it’s all said and done I think the New York Yankees will meet up with the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series, and the Yankees take it in an intense seven-game series.