Andie Newell

What activities are you involved in at Ames High? Band, Choir, All State, Outdoor Eating Club, and Cross Country What did you eat for breakfast? Well people say you are what you eat, but I don’t remember eating a legend this morning… Which animal are you most similar to and why? Probably a sloth, because I enjoy sleeping and I’m always hanging around. Do you prefer coffee or tea? “Black coffee, because it tastes good and keeps me awake,” said nobody ever. I like tea. What is your favorite vegetable? Tomatoes, because they are the most under-represented kind of vegetable, the kind that isn’t actually a vegetable. What is your favorite form of meat? Fried calamari. What are your plans for the future? To major in Drama at Carnegie Mellon and be on Broadway or work in the film industry. This article will be worth a lot of money someday, folks. If you had to marry someone right now, who would it be? Martin Freeman. I want his sweaters. Why do you like cross-country? SPAGHETTI. What’s your favorite fall activity? Getting buried in leaves and jumping out when people walk by. What’s your favorite children’s tv show? Newshour with Jim Lehrer. I watched a lot of PBS.